Make writing and reading hassle-free
    Readoo is the world's first e-book application embracing Web3 where both writers and readers are able to truly have their privileges in their hands.
    We are building a safe, free and equal reading community
    User data is completely secure in Readoo. Your user portrait always belongs to you.
    NFT Royalty
    Collectors/Investors can purchase novel NFT if they see any novels with great potential and expect prolific return.
    Incentive Program
    We truly appreciate whoever supports us in any form in terms of energizing the ecosystem, thus we came up with an incentive program to make their hard-work completely paid off.
    How it works
    Everyone involved can earn rewards
    Content Creators
    Writers are able to publish novels on Readoo at their fingertips. In the meantime,they will be rewarded with $REO once their published novels have been read. The more users read the novel, the more rewards are offered to them,which incentivizes all writers constantly providing us with excellent content.
    Major force of Readoo
    Readers are able to access and read novels on Readoo for FREE anytime. Diamonds will be provided to the readers who once read novels or watch ads. Daily check-in also brings users Diamonds. All Diamonds collected in Readoo can be exchanged to REO eventually.
    Readoo Supporters
    We do thank everyone who loves and supports Readoo. A substantial amount of Diamonds will be given to those who introduce readoo to their friends and bring them in.
    Anyone can be an investor on Readoo. While users browse the novel list, they find some novels with great potential. What are they most likely to do? Invest in it! Investors are eligible to gain dividends through purchased NFTs. The dividends come from the royalty of the linked novel. Same logic applied; the more users read the novel, the more REO the investors gain.
    What is $REO
    $REO is the token of Readoo; use cases of $REO are listed below:
    Incentive program
    √ dividends
    √ reward users who spend precious time on reading novels
    √ reward users who bring their friends in
    √ interact with your favorite authors
    Purchase/Renew premium service
    √ ad-free
    √ relatively more rewards gained
    Gain exposure
    √ eligible to vote your favorite novels
    √ help your favorite novels gain more foot traffic
    More fuctions
    Q3 2021
    Research stage; discuss with specialists in terms of further plan and develop
    Q4 2021
    Official website and whitepaper have been unveiled; continue with App development
    Q1 2022
    The beta version has been launched with fully-developed and bug-free features
    Q2 2022
    IDO; App operation stage
    Q3-Q4 2022
    Gradually acheive decentralization of contents, data and storage; realization of Web 3.0
    Are you a writer?
    Would you be interested in joining us in the blockchain revolution in Readoo? We'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us and get started.
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